Upcoming Events – Mud Nation

Upcoming Events – Mud Nation

DB Max OCR Events – Mud Nation

DB Max have been organising events since 2006, with have an extensive calendar of 25 events, ranging from triathlons, running and bike time trials – the OCR community should know them for saving Battle of Lansdown after the race’s original company shut down last year. They did a great job of keeping this alive in March and are now ready to stamp their place in obstacle course racing with their second event – Mud Nation in October 2019. This will take place in Charlton Park near Malmesbury which many may remember as the location for the (unfortunately) no-more Monster Race.

According to the organisers, the course will combine ‘familiar obstacles’ mixed with newer additions and either a 5k or 10k option. Add to that a kids race later in the day and you’ve got something for the whole family. It will be interesting to see how similar this will be to Monster Race which featured walls, slides, river crossings, carries, and lots of mud. All classic stuff & fairly good fun. Will Mud Nation be a carbon copy, following the same route with the same obstacles or a brand new race on familiar grounds? My guess is the latter as I’m pretty sure they simply don’t own the same obstacles and wouldn’t remember what the exact Monster Race course was!

monster race
Streams and woodlands at Charlton Park

Additionally, Battle of Lansdown had obstacles already in place for that race – it will be a nice test of a new company in seeing what new bits DB Max bring to this location.

Hopefully this is another race which keeps the spirit of why people love OCR – friends, fun, and tiring events that everyone can get something out of whether you’re racing hard or there to have a mess around with friends – and of course plenty to do & a reason to hang around once you’ve finished. 

DB Max are well known for hosting quality events which our competitors love.  We were proud with the feedback from our first OCR event and we are confident that we have now brought our high end organisational skills into the OCR world.

An obstacle from Battle of Lansdown

If previous races are anything to go by, participants at Mud Nation can expect a great bespoke medal, a free finish line beer (personalised by this company), fast and accurate results, and the superb DB Max event experience.

Take on Mud Nation 26th October – for more information visit the DB Max website.

Written by me: Keith Fairburn

Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, S&C Coach.

Ninja Warrior Semi-Finalist, Obstacle Racer, Trail Runner.

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