The Road to the OCRWC: Part 2

The Road to the OCRWC: Part 2

Since getting over the initial shock of being given the chance to go out to take on the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships sponsored by the Cheltenham Park Hotel, where I work day-to-day as Assistant Manager of the Health Club, and recovering from recent challenges and races, training for real is on the cards.

First off, check out Part 1 here, then read the initial articles from the Glos Echo here and here then come back. Done? Good.

First up, I was lucky enough to already have a week in Mayrhofen, Austria booked up as a sort of mixture between a training week and a Stag-Do. This week involved a great deal of distance running in the Alps, with 2700m being the highest ascent and approximately 42km being out longest run over the 7 days we had out there. The scenery was incredible and the weather was amazing, running the to the mountain huts and peaks never felt like a chore and the whole week was (believe it or not) incredibly relaxing. It’s a great feeling learning that my own body is capable of a lot more than I would have thought and training doesn’t have to be strict and structured, it’s just a case of getting out there and moving! (find out just how crazy the whole week got in more detail by reading my previous post).


mountain austria
I would like to send thanks to Mark Langman for shoving his finger into this picture.
As with all holidays the week was over as quickly at it had begun and having an extra day in between returning and work was much needed for a bit of recovery as well as some light yoga to stretch out some very sore and tired glutes/calves/everything. I actually used to attend the yoga class at Cheltenham Park regularly on a Weds evening, but haven’t found the time in a while. I must get back as it’s a great fun class and made a big difference when I was going! Not to mention that it’s Monday and Wednesdays now so realistically is much easier to get along to.
Anyway, Monday was a cycle to and from the gym (9 miles each way) to train a few clients in between with a teeny, tiny bit of conditioning in the gym, while Tuesday was simply enough a 9 mile run to work with my bag (which felt incredibly heavy). I was worried that getting into running again would feel tough but it felt great to actually run on a flat(ish) surface!
Running running running I love running running running
The rest of the week brought a little 5.5k run to test my speed (which was awful) followed by a much needed chillout in the sauna and poolside at the Health Club with my obstacle-racing padawan Laura, and a conditioning session on Thursday to test my strength (which was awful), consisting of a squat and deadlift superset, and a weighted pullups/dips/shoulder press tri-set. All the big important moves covered and plenty of weaknesses highlighted! Happy days. Bit of a mess-around week when it came to training with nothing too specific.
This weekend is the Muddyrace Fitness Weekend, hosted of course by the team from – we’ll have fitness sessions running all weekend where I’ll be running Boxercise sessions on the Saturday (I co-teach Boxercise at Cheltenham Park on Tuesday evenings) and a core/stretch session on the Sunday. We have some great sessions on offer, plenty of food and frolicking time and a sweet goody bag. Organic protein-bar company Pulsin have provided us with powders, snack bars and more which is awesome.
The whole weekend will be a really good time and a great laugh with some great people – following that training can get a bit more structured!
obstacle technique
Let’s hope I’ll be a bit more helpful than I’m being here 


Next challenge is Rat Race’s Man v Mountain at the beginning of September, clearly the training is well under way for this. Did you know yet that I’m being sponsored by the Cheltenham Park Hotel, part of The Hotel Collection, to attend the OCR World Championships? No? Well you do now! Read the first part of The Road to the OCRWC now if you haven’t already!
If you have any questions about anything I’ve written in this post or want to get in touch to tell me how great I am, contact me.