LiveYPB Bars

LiveYPB Bars

YPB (Your Personal Best) make snack bars available for before, during, after sessions (thankfully labelled as such for us simpletons). Using real, decent ingredients they have a good little range of various flavours which all mercifully avoid that artificial protein-bar taste, aren’t grainy, and aren’t too chewy. Here’s a brief run through of what they offer:


cocoa matcha ypb bar

“Perfectly formulated to give you the get-up-and-go before your workout.”

Mainly using dates as a base, each of these bars have a different blend of nuts and seeds and coconut flour along with unique ingredients to create each flavour.

Cocoa & Matcha – Really tasty, a lovely little pre-session chocolately treat with the matcha providing an extra little flavour burst and no doubt plenty of actual fitness benefits. The point is it tastes nice and not just like you’ve had a chocolate bar.

Pomegranate & Macadamia – These are nice, the pomegranate definitely shines through and the whole bar gives a nice sweet (but not too sweet) crunch and doesn’t sit too heavy in the stomach for a little pre-session snack.


YPB Bars

“Beat the mid workout slump with a bar perfectly tailored to build momentum, boost energy levels and keep you striving for that personal best.”

Pretty much the same as the Before Bars – these mainly use dates as a base with a different blend of nuts and seeds and coconut flour along with unique ingredients to create each flavour and for easy on-the-go digestion.

Apple & Oats – So nice, like a little apple pie or porridge bar. This is probably my personal favourite – simply because I like apple and oats as a mixed taste and there’s some cinnamon in there too. Thumbs up.

Apricot & Orange – A nicely sweet bar for maybe getting down you a little bit easier on a harder or more intense session – soft but doesn’t get too sticky when being chewed!

Banoffee – Sweet and squidgy, OBVIOUSLY these are well nice, spot on for easy eating during a run or (I would imagine) a long bike ride. So nice.

Beetroot – Very beetrooty, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! A bit more crunchy than squidgy, these are one (like apple & oats) that I’d probably pick for a longer, steady session.

Date & Walnut – Yep nice, I suppose it depends how keen you are on a walnut taste. A good sign that you can taste the walnut as they obviously haven’t skimped on them for these bars! Nice to have a less sweet option because sometimes during big runs or rides too much sweet stuff can start feeling a bit rough.


YPB Snack Bars

“Plant based protein that helps your body build, repair, and grow muscle.”

These bars use pea protein, which is a brilliant source of protein, along with cashew nuts then individual ingredients to give the bars their unique flavours.

Chilli Chocolate – Yep, really nice. This has a little bit of a kick from the chilli while obviously the chocolate tastes nice. Not dry and not grainy, this is tasty.

Cocoa Orange – Obviously sweet, but not too much. Chocolate and orange is a classic combination and this goes down nicely after a session!

Boxes/Bundlesypb Small Box

Depending on your goals, you can buy pre-built packs to suit your training needs. The options go through “Best 1 Hour Blast”, “Push Harder”, “Endurance Boost”, and “Ready-Go-Recover” or you can build your own box containing whichever bars you fancy. Each of the boxes (as you would expect) feature a good range of flavours but in different amounts. You can subscribe to get these delivered regularly or just buy them as a one-off which is pretty handy.

The website offers all nutritional info about the bars themselves, with all the ingredients featured on the individual bar’s pictures – again, this is handy and pretty nice to see what’s being used at-a-glance. The fact is, all of these bars taste nice, are easy to eat, and they’re made with good ingredients – especially if you compare them to most of the bars that are out now, and they don’t cost quite as much as others do. For those reasons alone these bars get a big recommendation.

Have a look!

All photos from – visit their site to order a box of bars!

Written by me: Keith Fairburn

Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, S&C Coach.

Ninja Warrior Semi-Finalist, Obstacle Racer, Salming Running Ambassador.

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