Battle of Lansdown 2018

Battle of Lansdown 2018

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Battle Of Lansdown

Holy cow what a quality event!! In short – Battle of Lansdown is a great blend of trail running and challenging obstacles – the route take you along the edges of fields, around winding trails in the woods, and up a few craftily-placed hills, all the while throwing well-spaced out obstacles such as classic monkey bars, super-fast slides, balance beams, towers to climb, and more. Everything is designed to slow you down and wear you out which also giving enough chance to open your legs a bit on a run. If there was a class on how to set up a route for an OCR then Battle of Lansdown could be used as a fine example.

This is a course for everyone – those who want to race can definitely get a solid race out of it, those who want a challenge with their bootcamp, gym group, or mates will have plenty to give them that challenge, and those who just want to go along and have a laugh will not be disappointed!  

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Classic Obstacles And Winding Trails

This year the start line was in a new place, away from the Bath Racecourse, this was a nice change because it made the route just different enough to not have that ‘samey’ feel, but as it passed through the same route it was similar enough to previous years to be able to enjoy the same parts of the race. Another advantage of not using the racecourse was there was now no long tarmac path to run, just trails. Yes.

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As for my personal experience, this was my first race of the year (with Devil Mud Run being cancelled because of the snow in March), so I wanted to sort of see where I was training-wise – what would tire me out, where I would struggle, where I would feel strong, how this weird ache in my leg copes etc. Thankfully my leg didn’t really hurt at all, my running felt quick and more balanced over the uneven terrain that I had expected from mainly road-running all winter, and the constant barrage of obstacles didn’t feel like they took a toll on my heart rate or lungs like they could have. I was definitely slower over a lot of obstacles than I should have been – the 8 foot wall, among others, I took quite slow and as a result immediately noticed the guy behind me make up ground – but that’s something that affects me at most races, which I guess shows what I need to practice! Stop faffing around and just get past the bloody things.

All in all though, a good start by coming away with 1st place (a nice BoL hoody and buff were the reward), being pushed by a quick guy who came in 2nd place a few minutes behind. On to Rood Rampage in July!

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Written by me: Keith Fairburn

Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, S&C Coach.

Ninja Warrior Semi-Finalist, Obstacle Racer, Salming Running Ambassador.

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