Age is Just A Number Pt.2 – June, 66, Conquers Spartan Race

Age is Just A Number Pt.2 – June, 66, Conquers Spartan Race

As a follow up to a recent post about sixty-six year-old June Butlin showing off her fitness by taking on the Spartan Super at Aston Down – June conquered one of Britain’s toughest sports events today!

June & Spartan Phil

Spartan Mum

Mother-of-three June, from Bradford on Avon, near Bath, Wiltshire, set a veterans’ course record running the 13km Spartan ‘Super’ obstacle course race at Aston Down Airfield, Glos. in 3 hours 6 mins. Super-fit June, who stands just 4ft 10ins tall, overtook musclebound men with six-packs as she sprinted up the steep-hilled course, known locally as ‘Death Valley’.

During her race, among the 25 obstacles June hurled a spear 25 feet at a ‘body’ straw bale, climbed a 20-foot rope, and hoisted a sandbag weighing 40 kilos 28 feet in the air – even though she only weighs 47 kilos herself. Then she plunged into a mud pit, hauled a back-breaking 20-kilo Atlas stone 20 meters, raced up 45-degree gradients in the Cotswolds, and leapt blazing logs at Spartan’s signature finale obstacle, the fire jump.

Spartan June

Three times the age of the average Spartan racer, June, who collected hugs from admirers along with her race medal said:

“I’ve never done a Spartan race before. There aren’t many races for my age group so I just did it.

I just thought, ‘I’m fit, I’ll do this.’ I’m just an ordinary person but I’ve done a lot of weight training, running, playing squash and exercise across the board. At the end, I didn’t feel drained.

I have always been fit but when I got older I just wanted to know if I could keep my fitness, build muscle, and get more agile. And yes I could. My family think I’m doing OK. They are used to me.”

Spartan June Running

Keep Pushing Forward

June’s advice to other people is;

“If you want to get fit and healthy then just keep working at it. Build up on what you do, don’t do the same thing, keep pushing yourself forward.

It was great, a fantastic experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I’d like to do another one. It’ll be easier second time.”

Spartan Phil, the Warrior MC in charge of the event, (pictured above in helmet) was impressed to meet June.

“It was a pleasure – until we posed for pictures together and I noticed her biceps were bigger than mine. She’s an inspiration to all generations of Spartans.”

June with Spartan Medal

Competitors from 27 countries took part in the race, which tours the U.K. and will host events in Market Harborough, Northants. (July 14/15), Perth, Scotland (Sep 15/16), and Windsor, Berks. (Oct 6/7).

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  1. That lady is awesome. It just shows that age isn’t a number. I’m in my 66th year as well. I do the odd obstacle race as well. It’s great fun.

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